Saturday, 19 March 2011

My 1st blog...

My name is Slim and I have a problem...

I am OBSESSED with baking.  Yes, obsessed.  I am not kidding.  It's basically taken over my life.  Well, sort of :)  I am also equally obsessed with my gucci bag but I am not about to start buying a sewing machine, hiring a cute little italian man to handstich leather on an imported authentic GG allover print into a fabulous handbag.  BUT baking - well that's a little more doable.  All you need is butter (lots of butter), sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour, and milk.  That's it!  Can you believe it?  And those 6 wonderful ingredients create the most lovely, girlie, wonderfully delicious cupcakes.  Cupcakes are my thing.  And cookies...but mostly because I can eat them 4-6 at a time, bribe people with them, take the to work to look like a star, and most of all add chocolate because chocolate is really the secret of a long and prosperous life in case you were not aware.

ok that's it for now people (or my fan base of 2 at least).  stay tuned for the saga that is my secret life of being a baker.

Stay slim, eat cake


  1. Love the cupcakes!! looks yummy

  2. love love love the marshmellow idea :) PS: if you ever need a guinea pig....just holla!

  3. know..Bethany from 'Bethany getting married' ...well its now 'Bethany happily ever after' has the skinny girl martini (i think) could make the 'skinny girl cupcake!!" (This obviously discloses my not so secret obsession with this show) .. forget it.. who am I kidding..I love butter. and i LOVE your cupcakes.