Thursday, 24 March 2011

My chocolate cupcakes...

Okay, so I have to talk about my chocolate cupcakes. They are that super-moist, heaven-in-your-mouth cupcake that you can't just eat one of...and they go perfectly with a tall glass of milk! I'm pretty sure that, similar to my staple Gucci bowler bag, I'll never steer away from the recipe I use. A couple of key ingredients that make this recipe perfect: hot water and....BUTTERMILK! The source of this recipe is Erin Bolger..aka "The Happy Baker." Her recipes are fabulous, and I swear by them!

A helpful hint - make sure your ingredients are at room temperature to get the perfect consistency in your cupcake batter :)

Here's a peek at some cupcakes I've made with her famous "My mom didn't like you anyway" cupcake recipe:

Stay Slim, Eat Cake..

P.S. Stay tuned for my next post - results of my first professional cupcake decorating class!


  1. I will vouch for these chocolate cupcakes - they are amazingly delicious and slim is right. You cannot eat just one. Now my a$$ may have something more to say about this but the cupcakes are just delicious to pass up!!!!

  2. i have yet to get a taste so NO COMMENT...and yes, I'm bitter....i'm currently licking the screen to get a taste!!