Monday, 18 April 2011

NYC Bakeries - the "real story"

Okay, so I'm officially back from a nice, loooong holiday and am ready to get back at it! My first order of business: to reveal the "real story" on a few bakeries I had the chance to visit while in NYC a couple of weeks, here goes!

1. Baked by Melissa: This was the cutest place on a super-happening corner in Soho. What a concept - a walk-up bakery!! It was the coolest (and best) thing I've seen since Starbucks Drive-thru came into the world (yes, its true people - I went to the suburbs)! It also brings the two things I love most together in one place - shopping and cupcakes..who knew it could be so satisfying - take a walk through Kate Spade, and Michael Kors and then make a stop at Baked by Melissa for a yummy treat!

2. Crumbs Bake Shop: So, Crumbs is a very cool and different concept. Replacing the idea of the "perfect little cupcake" is the not-so-perfect-looking, super "crumb-mee", delicious cupcake! This place had everything from "Cherry Blossom" to a GIANT chocolate cupcake - "The Colossal Crumb."

3. Magnolia Bakery: Ahh, the famous Magnolia Bakery...When we got there, I could hardly contain my excitement - I mean, c'mon! Was I really going to set foot in the same bakery that Carrie and Miranda went to? Was I really about to  experience the cupcake with the buttercream frosting that I swear by?? Needless to say, the first thing I did when I walked in was purchase an "I 'cupcake' NY" t-shirt, and the Magnolia Bakery recipe book. I then proceeded to walk past every single baked good they had - from cookies to cupcakes..."This place is wonderful," I thought to myself as I landed infront of the cupcakes! I immediately purchased 1 vanilla on vanilla and 1 chocolate with (duh) purple buttercream frosting...I left thinking, "wow - one day, Pipedream Bakery will be this big"...We proceeded to (yes, you guessed it) shop...5th Avenue ofcourse! As we walked, I dug into the vanilla cupcake..General consensus: good flavour, but not moist in the least bit! The frosting on the other hand - deelish! After a long (and fabulous) day of walking up 5th, browsing through the 3 floors that make up the Gucci store, and the 6 floors that make up Tiffany (sigh), we walked back to our super-cute boutique hotel for a break..I thought - what better way to take a break than indulge in a chocolate cupcake! I saved the best for last (or so I thought). I have to say that I was heartbroken when I tried it! I will give Magnolia this: 1. The bakery looks and feels like perfection - you do feel special when you walk in there, 2. The frosting held true and was fabulous, and 3. I do love my t-shirt! The cupcakes, however, need a splash of milk and a dash of love!

Conclusion: Crumbs Bake Shop - you're at the top of my list...for now. I mean, I still have to hit up Carlo's Bakery in good ol' Hoboken the next time I go to NYC - Can't wait to meet you, Buddy!

Stay Slim, eat cake


  1. The frosting on the pictures for the Crumbs Bake Shops look so good..honestly it looks like shorbet! ..too bad the actual cupcake wasn't moist enough...! Thanks for the review! Can't wait to hear more!! :)

  2. I want to go to a walk-up bakery right now! STAT please!

    and a walk-up tory burch store, a walk-up saks 5th, and a walk-up prada store would also be nice...someone get on this concept in TO please!